Dan Keoppel

Board Member, Senior Advisor, FG Ventures Advisors

Dan Keoppel is an advisor and consultant to technology startups and venture capital firms. He was founder of Verizon Ventures, Verizon Communications’ venture investing program. Verizon Ventures combined smart capital with access to Verizon’s vast ecosystem and strategic roadmap, delivering entrepreneurs both money and targeted resources. Dan personally oversaw the investment of over $100m in more than 30 companies through a broad array of sectors including; networking hardware and software, fab-less semiconductor, mobile applications, IOT/M2M, adtech, mobile payments, SaaS, cloud computing and data security.

Mr. Keoppel has spent the majority of his career in the telecommunication industry, with 20 years at Verizon and its predecessor companies, Bell Atlantic and Nynex, working in corporate venture capital, strategy, and merger & acquisition positions. Prior to Verizon, Mr. Keoppel worked at AT&T in their M&A group and at AT&T Ventures Corporation, and held various finance positions with Lucent (then AT&T) Consumer Products. Dan has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Rutgers University and a MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.