Qualia Solution for Publishers

Identity for Personalization

Enable effective personalization by unifying your user’s digital identity across all devices.

Identify your users in real-time, across all devices with a transparent, accurate view that you can trust. Publishers have made significant investments in sophisticated content personalization and CRM systems that also feed ad targeting systems. However, these investments break down when a user is logged out, cannot be identified or is identified as a different person, on each device.

  • By identifying and associating otherwise unknown or mis-categorized visitors to a consumer and household, Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ cross-device identity solution enables personalization investments to work correctly all of the time rather than occasionally decreasing reliance on cookies.
  • Engaged users and increased time on site translates to more users and advertising revenue.

With personalized content, site owners see a lift in user engagement and time on site, while users receive the personalized experience they expect.

Inventory Value Appreciation

Increase Inventory Value by Identifying More of Your Audience.

Identify more premium users, understand and monetize them at premium CPMs across your inventory. Logged out, unidentified users are monetized at the lowest common denominator, even if they would otherwise be a premium audience.

  • Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ cross-device identity solution identifies more of your audience associating a user that is known on one device to their activity on all of their devices and their demographics. This allows you to sell your inventory for the premium that it is worth.
  • For especially high-value and high CPM categories such as real estate and automotive involving multiple stakeholders within the household, publishers can further expand their offerings to enable advertisers to reach all household members across all properties, further increasing inventory value.

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