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Transparent Digital Identity

Gain greater marketing effectiveness and reach with complete digital consumer and household identity at scale.

Identify audiences, in real-time, across all devices and channels for a transparent and uniform view you can trust. Understanding, reaching and optimizing your audience begins with accurate digital identity. With the proliferation of systems, channels and data silos that make up modern marketing stacks, digital identity quickly gets fragmented with unknown or duplicate identities of the same consumer across different devices and systems.

Qualia’s Audience Pulse cross-device digital identity solution stitches together users, across systems and on all of their devices, into unified consumer and household profiles, completing the picture for all of your existing marketing automation, campaign channels, and personalization systems.

Whatever your marketing KPIs are – reducing the cost of customer acquisition, growing revenue, driving foot-traffic, or optimizing campaigns – all of your systems, messaging and spend are more effective with accurate digital identity.

Path to Purchase Optimization

Drive conversions by keeping consumers on the optimal path to purchase with the digital identity.

Send the intended message to the intended consumer with Amazon-like personalization capabilities. Unknown consumers get generic experiences, and convert at lower rates, than known consumers who receive personalized experiences based on their interests, purchase history, and stage in the consumer journey. Increase conversion rates and reduce the cost of customer acquisition – A/B test Qualia today.

Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ cross-device digital identity solution stitches together users, on all of their different devices, into unified consumer and household profiles, ensuring consumers receive the intended personalized experience.

Omni-Channel Attribution

Optimize campaigns by measuring online and offline actions in one unified, transparent view.

See transparent cross-device and foot traffic attribution for marketing campaigns. Paths to purchase span multiple digital devices and the physical world.

  • Only with an accurate and granular understanding of the path to purchase, and what is driving it, can you fully optimize your marketing funnel.
  • Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ attribution solution gives you visibility into the media campaigns, partners, and data providers that drive desired actions, across all devices, and in the real world, including insights into audience demographics.
  • Capture all paths, from exposure to attribution, with a single solution and focus your marketing strategy on the activities that drive results.

Understand your return on marketing spend: Discover how an advertisement viewed by consumer results in an online conversion on the same or a different device or a visit to a store.

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