Qualia Solution for Agencies

Transparent Digital Identity

Understand, connect to, and optimize your client’s audiences across all channels, devices, and data silos in real time.

Differentiate performance, optimize, and expand your channels with high-quality digital consumer and household identity at scale. Audience understanding, reach, and optimization starts with accurate digital identity management.

With Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ platform associate devices, consumers and households to online and offline data assets and synchronize them across media channels.

AudiencePulse™ enables:

  • Existing data assets to feed new media channel offerings.
  • People-based marketing results in the open ecosystem, optimizing spend mix and allowing your team to maintain control of your client’s data.
  • A differentiator in performance and efficiency for your client’s media and data investments.

Audience Targeting & Expansion

Achieve effective advertising by reaching your audience on the right device, at the right moment.

Find your audience using location intelligence and declared purchase intentions, on all of their devices. Using Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ platform:

  • With cross-device identity, see your audience as consumers and households, not devices. Reach your audience on all devices, drive influence accurately, and have control over frequency and sequence.
  • Location and intent intelligence enable you to target your audience based on their location visitation history and declared purchase intent.

Omni-Channel Attribution

Gain insight, optimize campaigns and show results by measuring online and offline actions in one unified, transparent view.

Stop missing conversions with transparent cross-device and foot traffic attribution. Paths to purchase span multiple digital devices and the physical world.

  • Only with an accurate and granular understanding of the path to purchase and what is driving it, can you capture every conversion and fully optimize marketing campaigns.
  • Qualia’s AudiencePulse™ attribution solution captures all paths from exposure to attribution. This includes attribution of advertisements viewed on one device or real world resulting in online conversion or foot-traffic to a store. This means you never miss a conversion event and can report an accurate cost-per-action to your client.
  • Discover which media campaigns, partners, and data are driving desired actions across all devices and in the real world so that you may add value by optimizing your client’s media and data mix in real-time.
  • Rely on high quality, high scale data that can be confidently shared with your client. We provide real-time dashboards for your media team while offering your analytics team the raw data for modeling that they crave.

Show your clients their true return on ad spend and constantly improve it with high quality cross-device and foot-traffic attribution.

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