Case Studies & Briefs


Major Furniture Retailer connects Digital Advertising to Real-World Actions

Digital Advertising often misses the mark when it comes to truly understanding a buyer’s path to purchase. Making these connections, and generating 35% lift in attributable conversions for one furniture retailer, is what Qualia’s business is all about.


Online lender dials up new signals to optimize customer acquisition process

In financial services lenders who are able to leverage the most data intelligence to feed their algorithms for targeted customer acquisition and acceptance own an advantage. Optimizing this process with consumer intelligence at the ‘first moment of truth’ is what Qualia’s business is all about.


Performance Marketing Agency offers high-impact Audience Expansion Service

Successful marketing campaigns depend on reaching the right audience on the right device and right time. The problem is that audience paths are not linear. A Performance Marketing Agency that wanted to win more business required a service that effectively connects audiences across channels and devices.


Travel Company creates Lift in Online Bookings through Accurate Attribution

Converting a prospect to a booked traveler is often a multi-step, multi-channel process. For a travel company that seeks to improve conversions and establish loyalty Qualia provides a growth accelerator by connecting the dots of prospect interactions across device, enabling the kind of personalized experiences that lift conversion rates.


Guide to Digital Identity Brief for Marketers

Effective digital identity turns the story of modern marketing systems into reality, giving marketers a single, unified, view of their consumers and households across all devices and systems and offering them tremendous leverage from their existing systems. What is your digital ID score?