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Forbes: How Machine Learning Truly Applies To Digital Identity, Part Two

In part one of this two-part series, we covered the complexity of the digital identity problem and some early-market solutions. Read on for part two as we discuss Machine Learning in Digital Identity. Two broad categories of machine learning models are clustering (unsupervised learning) and classification (supervised learning). Each of these has its pros and

Forbes: How Machine Learning Truly Applies To Digital Identity: Defining The Problem

With the onset of digital advertising, one of the early promises was to reach specific individuals or small groups of individuals, as opposed to a large audience of a broadcast TV or radio show. To fulfill this promise, advertising and marketing technology companies, publishers and brands have been on a quest to solve digital identity.

Forbes: How To Maintain A High-Quality Big Data Company (Part II)

Knowing all the details about your delivered data helps you maintain your quality and help your customers to understand and use your product better. In the previous article, we discussed how to maintain the overall quality of a big data company by categorizing the following items: Collection, Unified Structure, Processing, Delivery, & Pruning. We already

MarTechSeries: Gravy Analytics and Qualia Announce Data Processing Partnership

Gravy Analytics, a leading provider of real-world location intelligence for advertisers and brands, and Qualia, an omni-channel data intelligence company, announced that Qualia will contribute its consumer intent signals to Gravy’s geo-signals cloud. In turn, Gravy will provide signal cleansing and location-based insights using its patented AdmitOne™ platform. The agreement will allow Qualia to enhance

Verizon Ventures: POV: What’s Next in Media, Content, & Advertising

The new media landscape has spawned an unprecedented age of creation and customization for content and advertising. Anyone with a smartphone can become a content creator or consumer, and smart brands are taking advantage of this by connecting with audiences in new and novel ways. Listen to entrepreneurs talk about what’s next for media and

MediaPost: Adsquare Launches U.S. Operations With New York Offices

Adsquare, a mobile data exchange platform, announced on Thursday the launch of its U.S. business operations, opening an office in New York. The company has also initiated partnerships with Neustar, V12 Data, Grapeshot, oneAudience, Reveal Mobile, Cuebiq, Mobilewalla and Qualia, among others. “The United States is the most advanced market and mobile data already plays

Forbes: Making Better Use Of Location-Based Data For Advertising

One of the biggest challenges for today’s marketer is to attribute actions from the physical world to steps taken in the digital world. Questions such as “How many of my website visitors actually visited my store?” or “Which one of my advertising campaigns bring more people in?” have always been challenging to answer. But we

AdAge: Pulling Insights Out of a Cross-Device World

Consumers spend more than five hours a day staring at one digital screen or another. For marketers, this shift in behavior suddenly makes focus groups and other attempts to plumb the consumer psyche obsolete. But there’s a hitch. Because consumers are dividing their digital media time among several devices, there’s a schism between the way

MobileMarketer: Advertisers must get over match rates in digital advertising

By now we have heard plenty of talk about “match rate” – that presumably all-important number that has been positioned to validate the quality of cross-device data. It is supposed to tell us how many audience members we can identify or match across various devices, so we know we are reaching that same person on