Omni-Channel Attribution

AudiencePulse™ Component

Transparent Cross-Device and Foot Traffic Attribution

Gain insight and optimize campaigns by measuring online and offline actions in one unified view.

Paths to purchase span multiple digital devices and the physical world.

Optimize your marketing funnel with an accurate, granular, understanding of the path to purchase and motivations.

  • Receive a single, unified view of the media campaigns, partners and data providers that are driving desired actions across all devices and in the real world, including insights into audience demographics.
  • Capture all paths from exposure to attribution, including how an advertisement viewed by a consumer on one device results in an online conversion or foot-traffic into a store, across all of the consumer’s or their household’s devices.
  • Optimize your messaging, media and data budgets to eliminate waste and get a higher return on your marketing spend.
  • Rely on high quality, high scale data that does not hide behind static summary reports. We provide real-time dashboards for your marketing team while offering your analytics teams raw data for the modeling they crave.

Quality, accuracy, and independence are at the core of Qualia’s AudiencePulse measurement and attribution solution. We give marketers statistically validated results that make sense.

At Qualia, quality matters. Contact us to see for yourself.