Audience Pulse Process

Qualia’s real-time insights

turn your audience data into a marketing machine that increases conversion rates.

Take Your Audience Data

Using AudiencePulse™ is a simple and automated process. We take your data – any data: CRM, Third Party, and more.

Associate and Enrich

We Associate and Enrich Your Audience with our AudiencePulse™ and effectively target, personalize experiences, and manage omni-channel campaigns that reach every touchpoint.

Collect Billions of Signals

Our network collects billions of signals a day, processing, scoring, and associating them to enrich audiences in your data.

Run Big-Data Algorithms

All of the data continuously runs through machine-learning algorithms we have tuned to precisely associate the right consumer, to the right devices, in the right moment to influence purchases.

90% Coverage and Accuracy

In real-time, we track every touchpoint to show you attributable paths to purchase during each campaign with our best-in-class Audience Intelligence platform.

Meet Your Business’s KPIs

AudiencePulse™ real-time insights turn your audience data into a marketing machine and empowering you to optimize for peak performance.

Platform Components

Identify, expand, reach, and optimize your audience. Personalize experiences and paths to conversion across all devices.
Understand and target based on consumer location visits. Use real-world foot-traffic for insights 
into consumer behavior.
Find your audience based on their declared intent. Improve campaign performance with high-quality intent audiences.
Measure and optimize paths from campaign to conversion. Transparent foot-traffic and online attribution across all devices.