Powering the Pulse of Your Audience
Nobody knows more, does more, or cares more about enriching your audience intelligence than Qualia.

Qualia turns your audience data into a marketing machine that increases conversion rates.

Using AudiencePulse is a simple and automated process. We take your data – any data: CRM, Third Party, and more. Then our network collects billions of signals a day, processing, scoring, and associating them to to enrich audiences in your data. Matching on identity, device usage, location, intent to buy and other preferences.

All of the data continuously runs through machine-learning algorithms we have tuned to precisely associate the right consumer, to the right devices, in the right moment to influence purchases. This allows you to effectively target, personalize experiences, and manage omni-channel campaigns that reach every touchpoint.

In real-time, we track every touchpoint to show you attributable paths to purchase during each campaign, empowering you to optimize for peak performance.


1 | Start with your audience data…


2 | While Qualia collects billions of signals…


3 | And runs them through big-data algorithms.


4 | We associate and enrich your audience with Qualia’s AudiencePulse


5 | Providing best-in-class audience intelligence with 90% coverage and accuracy all in real time…


6 | Enabling you to meet your business’s KPIs.

Cross-Device Identity

Know, Expand, Reach, and Optimize Your Audience in Real Time
Identify your audience in real-time, across all devices and channels, for a transparent and uniform view you can trust.

Accurate identity is the foundation of all digital marketing and insights. Confidently making the association between devices, consumers, and their households enables you to get the most out of your investment in marketing campaigns, content personalization, and insights.

  • See a 360-degree view of your audience: Seamlessly identify unknown and partially known users into consumers and households.
  • Exceed Your KPIs: Make complete, accurate, identity available to your existing systems and see a step function in performance against major KPIs – such as increased conversions, return on marketing spend, time on site, and ad inventory value.
  • Identity you can trust: Have confidence in your audience intelligence with transparent confidence scoring, anonymized privacy-compliant persistence, and verification against independent truth sets.

Over the last eight years, we have built our cross-device identity solution into the most mature platform in the industry.


  • Loading billions of raw signals, such as device attributes, connectivity metadata, and location intelligence into a multi-petabyte data warehouse that updates in real-time.
  • Developing and training proprietary machine-learning algorithms to build a hierarchical identity graph of households, consumers, and devices.
  • Building privacy by design into the platform. We do not use personally identifiable information, comply with NAI, IAB, DAA, and GDPR regulations, and are the only cross-device identity vendor to offer a persistent opt-out at the device and consumer level.
At Qualia, quality matters. Contact us to see for yourself.

Location Intelligence

Understand and Measure your Audience Based on their Location.
Real-time insights on where your audience has been, and where you influence them to go.

Location intelligence offers deep and meaningful insights into consumer preferences and actions

  • Reach your audience with Qualia’s high-quality location audiences, mapped to points of interest and time of visits.
  • Measure your media against real world foot-traffic actions.

We take quality, accuracy, and transparency seriously. Location audiences are based on data from opted-in SDK sources, with machine-learning algorithms that test, validate, and score the data in real-time, dropping any suspected low-quality, inaccurate, or imprecise data.

Receive accurate, high-quality, and up-to-date location audiences with Qualia.

Intent Targeting

Target Your Audience Based on Declared Consumer Intent.
Get the highest return on your media spend with intent targeted audiences.
  • Consumers declare intent through online and offline actions, such as social shares, shopping lists, and location visitation.
  • Qualia aggregates, validates, and scores these signals, from consenting consumers with audiences refreshed based on recency of actions.
  • Improve conversion rates by using high-quality intent-targeted audiences to reach consumers, instead of look-alike or content-based audiences.

Omni-Channel Attribution

Gain insight and optimize campaigns by measuring online and offline actions in one unified view.
Transparent cross-device and foot traffic attribution for marketing campaigns.

Paths to purchase span multiple digital devices and the physical world.

Optimize your marketing funnel with an accurate, granular, understanding of the path to purchase and motivations.

  • Receive a single, unified view of the media campaigns, partners and data providers that are driving desired actions across all devices and in the real world, including insights into audience demographics.
  • Capture all paths from exposure to attribution, including how an advertisement viewed by a consumer on one device results in an online conversion or foot-traffic into a store, across all of the consumer’s or their household’s devices.
  • Optimize your messaging, media and data budgets to eliminate waste and get higher return on your marketing spend.
  • Rely on high quality, high scale data that does not hide behind static summary reports. We provide real-time dashboards for your marketing team while offering your analytics teams raw data for the modeling they crave.

Quality, accuracy and independence are at the core of Qualia’s AudiencePulse measurement and attribution solution. We give marketers statistically validated results that make sense.