Forbes: Making Better Use Of Location-Based Data For Advertising

One of the biggest challenges for today’s marketer is to attribute actions from the physical world to steps taken in the digital world. Questions such as “How many of my website visitors actually visited my store?” or “Which one of my advertising campaigns bring more people in?” have always been challenging to answer.

But we are living in the IoT era, with access to location data collected by mobile phones, watches, and other internet-connected devices with GPS capabilities. Using these devices has become habitual. Taking phones to new locations, checking-in to places, using augmented reality apps or games, searching or looking for information on your apps — all of these can collect your location and generate signals that can be used to reduce the gap between our digital and physical worlds. With enhancements in big data, machine learning and cloud computing technologies, it’s easier than ever to process and make sense of these signals.Read Full Article

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