AdAge: Pulling Insights Out of a Cross-Device World

Consumers spend more than five hours a day staring at one digital screen or another.

For marketers, this shift in behavior suddenly makes focus groups and other attempts to plumb the consumer psyche obsolete. But there’s a hitch. Because consumers are dividing their digital media time among several devices, there’s a schism between the way we measure desktop and mobile interactions. Providing a consistent view of one consumer across his or her various devices is essential from a marketer’s point of view, but very tricky from technologist’s point of view.

It is now possible to solve that riddle, but marketers need to take ownership of the cross-device data that they glean, often with the aid of third-party digital identity solutions. There’s no silver bullet for discerning consumers’ identities. Instead, marketers need to synthesize a raft of solutions. Read Full Article

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