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turn your audience data into a marketing machine that increases conversion rates.
Identify, expand, reach, and optimize your audience. Personalize experiences and paths to conversion across all devices.
Understand and target based on consumer location visits. Use real-world foot-traffic for insights 
into consumer behavior.
Find your audience based on their declared intent. Improve campaign performance with high-quality intent audiences.
Measure and optimize paths from campaign to conversion. Transparent foot-traffic and online attribution across all devices.
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Real-time connections to the right people, at the right moment. Supercharge your marketing systems, processes, and results with accurate digital identity resolution at scale.
Expand your digital offerings, differentiate performance, and prove your impact with high-quality digital consumer and household identity, location intelligence, intent targeting, and omni-channel attribution at scale.
Increase the value of your inventory, personalize experiences, and engage users longer and more frequently with privacy-safe persistent digital identity at scale.
Understand consumer location, connectivity, and device choices in real-time. Make critical business decisions with real-time consumer location, telecom, and mobile device market share at scale.

Case Studies

Our Passion Is Audience Quality Not Inflated Scale

Major Furniture Retailer connects Digital Advertising to Real-World Actions. Digital Advertising often misses the mark when it comes to truly understanding a buyer’s path to purchase. Making these connections, and generating 35% lift in attributable conversions for one furniture retailer, is what Qualia’s business is all about.
Online lender dials up new signals to optimize customer acquisition process. In financial services lenders who are able to leverage the most data intelligence to feed their algorithms for targeted customer acquisition and acceptance own an advantage. Optimizing this process with consumer intelligence at the ‘first moment of truth’ is what Qualia’s business is all about.
Performance Marketing Agency offers high-impact Audience Expansion Service. Successful marketing campaigns depend on reaching the right audience on the right device and right time. The problem is that audience paths are not linear. An Agency that wanted to win more business required a service that effectively connects audiences across channels and devices.

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